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Industrial Warm Air Heating Services

Holme Valley Heating Engineers offer a wide range of commercial gas services here in Huddersfield. We service, maintain and install all types of warm air heating systems in all types of commercial buildings.

Top tips and Safety:

Warm air heaters should be serviced on a regular basis as the air you, your clients or employees breath is warmed through a heat exchanger that is filled with combustion gasses that could potentially be very deadly. This air is then blown into the room by a fan, here at Holme Valley Heating engineers we take the worry and unexpected trouble away by in depth servicing and maintenance on these systems keeping you and your organisation safe and warm all year around.

Below is an example of a cracked heat exchanger that would be leaking harmful fumes into the area.

Warm air heater repair
Heater installation
Safety inspections
Warm air servicing 
Radiant tube heater repair
Overhead heater service
Ambi rad heater repair
Combat heater services
Other areas we cover:

It isn't all doom and gloom for warm air heating, it is still a very effective way of heating large spaces quickly. We install warm air heating systems all over the U.K and maintain more than a thousand different heaters across Yorkshire.

Holme Valley Heating Engineers provide quality, reliable and safe working systems for all our clients needs. Our services include:

Warm air heating service and repair

Heater inspection and insurance certificates

Warm Air Heating Installation

Heater breakdown repair and diagnostics

Here are a few systems we maintain and keep running year after year:

Radiant Heating Service in Huddersfield
Radiant tube heater service
Combat heater service
Air handling unit service
Air handling repair Mallard
Warm air heating installation
Powr Matic service and repair
Nursery heating repair
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