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Biomass Boiler installation and Maintenance.


We specialise in jobs that are a little 'different', we pride ourselves on being able to maintain anything that can heat your property. Biomass boilers are a little more challenging and need that extra little bit more care, we only deal with the best and only provide the best service. The boilers we deal with a predominently German engineered appliances as the european market is well established in regards to biomass. The biomass services we offer are below.

Biomass Vs. Log Burners


Biomass is a little more refined than your average log burner and solid fuel set up as with biomass and chip we can closely monitor how much fuel is being burned and we can get a more consistent flow of heat energy from the biomass system as the pellet or chip is quantified, moisture controlled and automatically fed then burned so we know how mucn each quantity will give us. With Solid fuel all these variables can be vastly different and not many log burning systems are autonimous taking the conveinience out of the installation.

German Engineering.


We have it thrust in our face day in day out. German engineering it is so good. The top and bottom of it is, that German engineered Biomass appliance really are that good. They have pretty much perfected the biomass process and refined it like they love to do. Biotech and Viessmann are the top products in the market to date. We will supply no other.


Pellet and Chip Storage.


STOP! Before you go all out building a nice little building for all your wood pellet or chip to sit in nicely nice masonry building that ties in with the house. Think, Pellets are dried and compacted, if you allow those little things to become moist in any way shape or form. You will be waking up to a pile of rubble in the morning those little pellets just got huge and they just grew from small to 3XL 



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