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Welcome to our page on pricing and rates of pay, we hope you find what you need. 


All properties are different, this makes it very difficult to give prices for every property in our area. We are not a large company, we are a small, efficient and high quality heating enigneering company and we take pride in that fact. We reserve the right to alter prices on application of services from ourselves. 


Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions over our rates.




Holme Valley Plumbing and Heating



Domestic Rates:


Initial charge for fault finding

repairs requiring no parts 


£75 + Vat Includes the 1st hour on site

(parts not included)


£15 every 15 minutes after 

(parts not included)


Boiler Service:


Standard boiler service £75 + Vat 

(Parts not included)



Commercial Rates:


Commercial Rates are POA only please call for advice, thank you.

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